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1747-2 - Burtex 17 Inch(430mm) Allrounder Pad - 1747-2 - Burtex 17 Inch(430mm) Allrounder Pad

Double sided, raw nylon loop, nylon binding.


WAS: $48.40, NOW $42.00




Burtex carpet cleaning bonnets and pads are used with:-

  • Encapsulation soil release cleaner
  • Shampoo system
  • Carpet dry cleaning extraction process
  • Dry Fusion system
  • Carpet Genie Neutral Cleaner

Burtex bonnets and pads are made to size for all machines.

  • Dry Fusion machine ( Bonnet and pad size 17"or 18")
  • Cimex 3 head system ( Bonnet and pad size 7" or 8" )
  • Rotary machines eg: Polivac ( Bonnet and pad size 13" or 17")
  • Oreck Orbitor Floor and carpet care ( Bonnet and pad 13" or 15")
  • Challenger Oscillating pad machine ( Bonnet and pad size 16" and up to 21")
  • Pre scrub carpet before hot water extraction system (steam cleaning)

Burtex can manufacture custom sizes from 7" to 21". The carpet cleaning bonnet /pad size is best at 1 to 2 inches larger than the drive plate.

Burtex is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of carpet cleaning Bonnets and Pads. Designed and Manufactured in Queensland to supply the carpet cleaning industry. Using Burtex bonnets and pads will result in cleaner carpet.

Burtex hard surface bonnets and pads (extra heavy brown synthetic fibre ) Great for cleaning deep into grout on tiles and stone floors! Terri-towelling ( extra heavy duty) bonnets and pads for drying carpet and cleaning tiles and stone. Burtex ( 100% WOOL ) Buffing bonnet and pads used on tiles, stone and vinyl. Green striped bonnet and pads are great for carpet cleaning, single sided eight green striped bonnet and pads are used for cleaning and stripping vinyl and stone. At Burtex we are working on a poly cotton bonnet for drying carpet after hot water extraction.

We are all in an ever changing carpet and hard surface cleaning industry!
Sharing knowledge and information
Can only benefit the whole industry!
Question, feedback and information always appreciated.
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18” Heavy Duty / Edger

Cleaning this job with a Dry Fusion System and 18" Burtex Heavy Duty/Edger

Vacuum and pre spray

Soak in hot water or solution and ring out.Heavy Duty side down hit the main area.

Turn over to Edger side and work down the walls.

Keep working all walls. More pre spray if needed.

The Burtex Edger has blue grass fiber on perimeter of the bonnet.

This allows the bonnet to clean right up to the walls.

This allows the bonnet to clean right up to the walls.

The corners are done by hand.

Around door frames.

As you can see this is not a new bonnet. It has had a lot of work.

Finish off with burtex 17" Allrouner Bonnet.

Get only the best from burtex bonnets and pads.